About Us

The Los Angeles Chapter of the American Payroll Association (LAAPA), founded in 1982, is a non-profit organization consisting of dedicated payroll professionals throughout the Los Angeles area.

The organization is comprised of individual members and corporate members who in turn represent hundreds of businesses in the Los Angeles area, from the largest industrial firms to small emerging businesses.

Our goals are to increase the payroll professional's skill level through education, mutual support and to obtain recognition for payroll as it is practiced in today's business and legislative environments.

We take great pride in the achievements our organization has accomplished.  There have been marked changes in the perception of the payroll professional in the work place.  Through our involvement with governmental agencies we have improved the awareness of payroll issues.

A Message from the President

Joining a professional organization should be a rewarding experience. What should you expect as a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American payroll Association?

You should expect a platform on which you can increase your knowledge of payroll and payroll related areas through monthly meetings, seminars and CPP study groups. Your may want to meet and network with other professionals that you can call when you have a question or just want another payroll persons opinion.

You may like to hear about job opportunities or have place to go to when you want to fill a position on your staff.

These and many other rewards could be yours. These are a few of the benefits I have found in the Los Angeles Chapter. Please join us and see for yourself.

Frank Mares - President, LAAPA

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